The Perfect Accompaniment To Yo
Q. Does my chosen venue need to have a piano?
A. No, and Jim is more than happy to bring his own portable piano to your event at no extra cost. All that is needed is a power outlet.

Q. Will Jim travel to my event?
A. Jim is based in the West Midlands and is normally happy to travel to your event, but please bear in mind that fees may be higher if Jim has to travel a long distance.

Q. Does Jim play requests?
A. Jim is usually happy to perform any requested pieces, provided sufficient time is given to learn them.

Q. How much will it cost for Jim to perform at my event?
A. Because every event has different requirements, please contact for an individualised quote.

If your question has not been answered here then please get in touch with Jim via the contact page.

Jim is also available with a live jazz band